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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Nexcare™ Products and their use.

How do I apply Nexcare™ Waterproof Bandages?

  1. Clean the wound thoroughly.
  2. Pull wrapper apart.
  3. Grasp end tab and peel bandage off wrapper
  4. Apply to wound, pressing firmly; bandage will not stick if repositioned.
  5. Remove paper frames at openings.

How can I help a bandage or wound dressing stick to my skin better?

After you have washed the wound area, pat it dry before applying the bandage or wound dressing. After it’s on, avoid rubbing the bandage or dressing or exposing it more than necessary to any liquids.

How often should I change my bandage?

Change your bandage every day, or several times a day if it becomes wet or dirty. If you are using Nexcare™ Waterproof Bandages, these do not need to be changed if they become wet.

What is the best way to start my roll of Flexible Clear Tape? And is there a trick to using the dispenser, so that the pieces cut cleanly?

For Nexcare™ Flexible Clear Tape rolls that do not come with dispensers, run your finger around the roll until you feel a ridge. This is the edge of the tape. Use your fingernail to lift up the edge, then unroll whatever size piece you need. The tape tears easily by hand, so no need for scissors.
Tip: turn a short piece at the leading edge of the tape under to create an easy starting point for the next time you need it.

On the roll that comes with a dispenser, there is a white tab with arrows on the edge of the roll, to show you where it starts. When you are cutting the piece you need, pull the tape across the dispenser’s cutting blade at an angle to minimize stretching and make cutting easier.

How do I remove a bandage/tape that will not release easily from my or my child's skin?

If a bandage is not easily releasing avoid pulling on bandage, instead work a little baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive to help the bandage release from the skin. Or use ice (covered with a paper towel) for 5 minutes or less. Ice will make the adhesive brittle, which may cause it to release.

Where can I purchase Nexcare™ Products?

Nexcare products are available at most drug, grocery, mass merchandisers and online.
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Do Nexcare™ Products contain natural rubber latex?

Nexcare™ Adhesive Bandages, including Nexcare™ Waterproof Bandages, Nexcare™ Soft 'n Flex Bandages and our Nexcare™ Blister Bandages, are NOT made with natural rubber latex.

Most of our first aid tapes and wound closures, such as Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Waterproof Transparent Dressings, are also not made with natural rubber latex. The only exceptions are Nexcare™ Athletic Cloth Tape, Nexcare™ Athletic Wrap and our Nexcare™ Reusable Cold/Hot Pack, all of which are made with natural rubber latex.

If a Nexcare™ product is made with natural rubber latex, it will say so on the front of the package.

When heating the Nexcare™ Reusable Cold/Hot Pack, do I remove the outer bag?

Yes, remove the outer bag before heating and follow the instructions on the product for heating or cooling. Carefully check the pack for leaks, and insert it in the cover or wrap it in cloth. Check for desired temperature by carefully placing the covered pack against your forearm. If it's too hot, let it cool. When comfortable, apply the pack to the desired area.

How do I use the Nexcare™ Reusable Cold Pack?

Cold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following an injury.
  1. Store cold pack in freezer for at least two hours before use.
  2. Insert cold pack in cover or wrap in cloth.
  3. Apply cold pack to injured area. Remove pack if it becomes uncomfortable. Do not apply for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

What can I use to protect my wound while taking a shower or bath?

Use Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Waterproof Transparent Dressings. This waterproof dressing seals out water, dirt and germs, and stays on in the shower or bath. If the Tegaderm™ dressing is covering an IV site, use an additional covering so that water does not enter the IV site by the catheter.

Do you have any products for sensitive skin?

Good news! We offer a complete line of Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin products, including Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Adhesive Bandages, Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Tape, Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Dressings and the Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Eye Patch. Designed especially for sensitive or delicate skin or for frequent dressing changes, these products feature an innovative adhesion technology that allows them to stay in place but come off easily. Post-surgical patients, the elderly, children, and those with fragile or hairy skin can all benefit from Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin products.

Also try the Nexcare™ Absolute Waterproof Transparent Dressing with Pad or Absolute Waterproof Adhesive Pad. Or, if your skin has a tendency to react to adhesive products, try Nexcare™ No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray. This creates a clear, waterproof shield for minor cuts and scrapes.

Q: How do I know when the battery needs replacement in the Rapid Digital or Rapid Flex Digital Thermometers? How long will the battery last?

A: The battery will last for approximately 2,000 measurements. When the battery needs to be replaced, the display will show the following sign.

Q: What type of replacement battery do I need for the Rapid Digital or Rapid Flex Digital Thermometers?

A: Replace battery with a silver oxide type GP392 or equivalent.

Q: How do I replace the battery in the Rapid Digital or Rapid Flex Digital Thermometers?

A: For best results, follow these steps to replace the battery:
  1. Push the battery cap down and pull away from the thermometer body.

  2. With a non-metal pointed tool, remove the battery.

    NOTE: To prevent damage to the sensor, DO NOT pull out the battery holder when changing the battery.

  3. Insert the new battery. The positive (+) side will be facing the display side of the unit.
  4. Place battery cap back into place. Make sure that the cap fits snugly.

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