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Here’s how to treat blisters, without giving up your favorite activities:

Leave it alone

  • It’s best to leave the blister alone, as the unbroken skin over that fluid-filled bump provides a natural bacteria impediment that guards against infection. Most blisters pop on their own, so bursting them too soon can cause problems.

  • Always wash your hands before touching a blister, then use an adhesive bandage to cover a small blister or use a porous bandage if the blister is larger.

If needed, pop carefully

  • Only if you can’t walk or use one of your hands, you should carefully drain the blister. Wash your hands and clense blister, then use a sterilized needle to puncture the edge of the blister. Squeeze any liquid out of the edge and don’t peel the skin back.

  • Use an antibiotic cream or ointment, or petroleum jelly, to create a barrier over the popped blister. Cover with a bandage or gauze pad.

  • Change the bandage any time it gets wet or dirty. If a shoe caused the blister, don’t wear the shoe again until the blister has healed, and cover the area with a bandage or cushioned tape to make sure another blister doesn’t appear.

Watch out for infection

  • Call your doctor if you suffer increased pain, warmth, a fever, or redness around the blister or if pus appears or red streaks extend from that area.

Prevent blisters

  • Wear your athletic shoes around your house to test them out before you go running or play a sport. If one part rubs, use a cushioned tape to discourage a blister from forming, or find athletic socks with extra padding.

  • Walk around in new high heels to make sure they are comfortable before your big night out.

  • Wear gardening gloves when doing yard work.



Sources: and This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a doctor with any questions regarding a medical condition.


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