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Top 10 Tactics for Surviving Hosting Thanksgiving

Top 10 Tactics for Surviving Hosting Thanksgiving | November, 2014

One year, when my mother-in-law was recovering from surgery, she asked if I wouldn't mind taking over her Thanksgiving hosting duties, just that once.

That was seven years ago. I've hosted every Thanksgiving since.


Can You Say Cheese?

Can You Say Cheese? | October, 2014

When the photographer texted to say she was running late, I stared at her words for a few seconds, waiting for them to make sense. Our family photo shoot was on the calendar for the next weekend.


Go, Go, Garage Sale!

Go, Go, Garage Sale! | September, 2014

To be fair, had I not recently spent an hour trying to locate the heating pad, or twisted my ankle simply trying to cross my oldest son’s room, the board games may not have bothered me so much.

But I had, and so they did. Suddenly, one truth became crystal clear: We have way too much stuff.


Life on Two Wheels

Life on Two Wheels | August, 2014

"I want to ride a bike," she announced at dinner one night. "Not a baby bike, a real one. With two wheels." As soon as the words left her lips, I knew that it would soon be so. Emmy's like that. Once she sets her mind to something, she won't stop until she's accomplished it.


A Quest to Beat Boredom

A Quest to Beat Boredom | July, 2014

After last year's crazy-hectic summer, spent running from camp to camp, activity to activity, and getaway to weekend getaway, I was beat. We all were. We were so busy cramming fun into our lives that when we finally got a moment to take a collective breath, we realized that we weren't actually having any. I want this summer to be different. I've dubbed it The Unplanned Summer.


Some Days Are Like That

Some Days Are Like That | June, 2014

It could be worse. That's what I keep telling myself.

Within an hour of waking, I stubbed my toe, dribbled toothpaste on my shirt and broke a glass. Next up: We're out of coffee filters and the dishwasher's making a funny sound.


Play Date

Play Date | May, 2014

The play sure seemed like a great idea. Benny's always loved the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." When he was younger, he'd grab my hand and lead me to the couch, then press it onto my lap. We'd snuggle in, and he'd hang on every word, asking, "Again?" the second the book's final words left my lips.


Easter's Best

Easter's Best | April, 2014

Probably because it almost never happens, I feel an excessive sense of accomplishment at the sight of my kids, freshly scrubbed and fancily dressed. "I give it thirty minutes, tops," mumbles my husband, as I snap photos between the boys' groans and eyerolls.


Just add water | March, 2014

Pool or beach, as long as there's water involved, my kids will take it. Actually, that's the understatement of the century. They'll not only take it, they pull out every trick in the book to just generally stay in it until I coax (OK, bribe) the little guppies out.


It's Worth a Shot | February, 2014

Those are the rules, and our family abides—despite panic around the word shot.

And by panic I mean red-faced-screaming-sprinting-into-the-wall kind of panic..
And not just in the doctor's office with a needle at the ready. It's also in the car on the way to the doctor and at home on the phone making the appointment.


Head Up. Heart Open. | December, 2013

When someone talks to me about "self-help" or "self-care," I wave my arm toward the books jammed into my overflowing bookshelves, as well as their accompanying exclamation points: Get Out of Your Own Way! Exercise to Happiness! Be the Parent You Dream to Be!


Sorry Forever About That Haircut | October, 2013

These are the undeniable facts: I have been giving our boys haircuts without causing bodily harm since 2001. So the unfortunate incident last week where I nearly cut off the ear of the youngest boy is atypical.

I will not be remembered as the mom who nearly cuts off ears! This is my side of the story:


The Spirit of the Game | September, 2013

Our family added a new sport last night: Ultimate.

What is "Ultimate" you ask? It's like football except the teams toss a flying disc instead of a ball.


Growing Pains | August, 2013

My 12-year-old son woke up at my eye level today.

This made him obnoxiously giddy.

"We're the same height!" he cried, hopping around, landing on my bare feet twice.



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