• Life has so much to offer and to experience it all, there may be a few cuts and scrapes along the way

    That’s why Nexcare strives to deliver products that provide comfort and protection against life’s minor injuries. Every Nexcare package is filled with tough love so you can take on everything thrown your way. Nexcare is dedicated to being a champion for parents who strive to raise children with grit and provide them with the opportunity to explore the world with resilience.

  • To illustrate the benefits of allowing kids to play, take risks, fall and even fail - Nexcare Brand has partnered with Hollywood stunt woman and warrior, Jessie Graff.

    Graff went undercover as a babysitter for overprotected siblings and unleashed hours of adventure through bravery-building activities they had never experienced before, all while their self-described “helicopter” parents watched through hidden cameras. The kids tested their limits while their parents realized just how much their kids are capable of.

  • Watch Jessie's tools for parents to build confidence, treat a scratch, teach them how to fall..and live to learn from it, as well as learning risk evaluation with a plan.

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