Understand the science behind our waterproof technology.


  • For breathable waterproof protection, try a bandage or Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing with our proven Waterproof Technology. They’re built to stay on through bathing, washing and swimming while still letting air in for maximum wound comfort and care.

1: Waterproof and Breathable

  • waterproof and breathable bandage graphic

    To help keep your skin from pruning and turning white, built-in microscopic channels keep water out while still allowing wounds to breathe, maintaining an optimal healing environment.

2: Non-stick Pad

  • A non-stick, island oasis pad that protects and pampers wounds. This pad is designed to keep bandages from adhering to wounds so they never reopen a wound on removal.

3: One-handed Application

  • Unique paper frame application system for easy, one-handed application of the bandage, even at the pool or beach.

4: Easy Removal

  • This unique stretch-and-release film removes with ease. Just lift the edge and slowly stretch straight out and down while supporting the skin. The bandage will come off without a hitch.

5: Hospital Protection at Home

  • Specifically developed for hospital nurses, Tegaderm™ Transparent Dressing allows you to observe wounds without having to remove or replace dressings for days, and stays on while bathing or showering.

6: 360° Protection

7: Ultra-thin Design

  • Ultra-thin film designed by scientists to stretch and conform with your body like a second skin. It's so thin, texting on touchscreens is still possible while wearing it.