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    Stock your cabin, canoe or glamping tent with these summer essentials.

    Nexcare Cabin Kit Photo

    • 1 : Play Hard

      Don’t let a cut keep you out of the woods or water. Use this waterproof bandage for cuts and scrapes that need protection against water, dirt and germs.

    • 2 : No Tears

      Keep a variety of larger dressings on hand such as this strong hold pain free removal adhesive pad for pain-free removal or these waterproof dressings that are breathable and gentle on the skin.

    • 3 : Relief

      Don’t scratch your bites, soothe them with some anti-itch cream.

    • 4 : Cushioned Protection

      This waterproof tape flexes and stretches when you do. It even sticks when your skin is wet.

    • 5 : Keep Away

      Avoid the bugs bites that come with the outdoors with some long lasting protection.