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    The first aid kit any car, camping, or carpooling person needs to treat wounds on the go.

    Nexcare Road Trip Car Kit Photo

    • 1 : Keep Warm

      Breakdowns seem to happen at the least convenient times. Be sure you have some essentials in your car kit just in case such as a blanket and hat.

    • 2 : Avoid Car Blues

      Long car ride? Prep for bumpy roads with motion-sickness medication.

    • 3 : Light Up The Night

      Keep candles and matches packed in case of a sticky situation. They can provide both light and warmth. Also a great way to start a fire if your road trip includes some camping.

    • 4 : Keep Active

      Don’t let everyday cuts or scrapes detour your fun. Use these bandages to cushion and protect minor injuries. Bonus: These diamond-shaped beauties stick to wet skin—perfect for a stop at the waterpark!

    • 5 : Handy Tools

      Flashlight, screwdriver, and a tire pressure gage are just a few of the tools you may want to keep on hand for any road tripping adventure.

    • 6 : Stay Covered

      Stay worry free on your road tripping adventure by keeping Tegaderm™ Pad Dressings in your kit for ease of mind on the new terrain.