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    Build your own Sushi Dinner Kit with these tools.

    Nexcare Sushi Kit Photo

    • 1 : Sharpen Your Skills

      When cutting your sushi-grade fish, you’ll need a sharp bento knife, as dull blades can crush your maki (cut rolls). If you accidentally slip and cut yourself during the process, grab one of our breathable Waterproof Bandages and keep on slicing.

    • 2 : Just Add Waterproof

      Wet hands are crucial to making sushi, otherwise sticky rice will stick to your fingers. Make sure to wet hands frequently and cushion any blisters or calluses with our Absolute Waterproof Tape that’s designed to stick to moist hands.

    • 3 : Pickup With Sticks

      Part of the fun of making sushi at home is expanding your kitchen collection. Try colorful chopsticks and chopstick holders, soy sauce bowls, and even a beautiful sake set to give your guests the full sushi experience.