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    Travel necessities for the frequent flyer who's not afraid to under pack.

    Frequent Flyer First Aid Kit

    • 1 : Sun Kissed

      Bring on the beautiful sunny days knowing you are helping to protect your skin by packing sunscreen and lip balm.

    • 2 : Sensitivity

      From sensitive stomachs to sensitive skin be prepared for travel. Pack antacid tablets when new cuisine might be an issue and strong hold pain free bandages for pain free removal.

    • 3 : Keep It Fresh

      It’s easy to leave your toothbrush behind, so remember to tuck an extra in your kit.

    • 4 : What Mess?

      No need for messy creams for those pesky pimples that pop up while traveling. These absorbing covers work like a sponge on blemishes.

    • 5 : Skin Shield

      The tour of the museum was grand. The blisters aren’t. Protect them as they heal with toe blister and heel blister bandages. The cushioned gel pad helps reduce pain and the clear, thin material flexes to your movements.

    • 6 : Happy Feet

      Keep those feet feeling fresh throughout your journey with foot repair balm to help heal dry and cracked skin. Help keep blisters from forming with foot protection tape.