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    This kit will keep you slicing and dicing with care.

    Nexcare Home Chef Kit Image

    • 1 : Skin Soother

      Help skin heal with an over-the-counter topical ointment.
    • 2 : Help It Heal

      Aloe not quite doing the trick? Keep Tegaderm™ Dressings on hand for minor burns. With this low-profile bandage, no one may even notice!

    • 3 : No Germs Here

      Keep out water, dirt, and germs without hassle. This waterproof bandage can be applied with one hand!

    • 4 : What Mess?

      Wash those dishes on the fly with a handy dishwand and add a dash of pizazz with patterned cloths and sponges.

    • 5 : Sticky Situations

      Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking for something to cushion and protect, we have an assortment of tapes to fill your need. Keep them in your kit along with some gauze to keep on slicing and dicing confidently.

    • 6 : Experiment

      Grab a cookbook and try some new dishes. You could find a new family favorite.