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    Keep kiddos comforted with this kit that treats sports injuries like a champ.

    Nexcare Sidelines Kit Photo

    • 1 : Wrap Up

      Have an ACE™ Bandage on hand for sprains, strains, or extra support.

    • 2 : Shine On

      Protect athletes and their cheering fans from summer’s rays. Sunscreen is a must!

    • 3 : MVP Protection

      This waterproof bandage keeps the water, dirt and germs on the field, not in cuts and scrapes.

    • 4 : Keep Running

      The other team is about to score, don’t let that blister slow you down! Cover it with a blister bandage to cushion and protect during play.

    • 5 : Tough Tape

      Be competitive or play just for fun. Stay stocked up for any injury with an array of tapes. From adding some cushioned protection or just the need for extra support, tapes are handy to have on hand while scoring goals.

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